Public Art Films, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to producing films and videos about grass-roots cultural expressions. All donations/purchases go to support the Style Wars Restoration Fund.

For more merchandise, including signed posters and limited edition prints, visit our Restoration Fund page.

Style Wars Blu-ray + DVD (a.k.a. “The Tag Package”)

—You will receive the Blu-ray Disc one month before the normal release date.
—You will immediately receive the Styles Wars 2-Disc Set DVD
—You will receive a personalized Certificate that memorializes your participation in restoring Style Wars.
—Name in Credits of the Film – In the new Blu-ray, your name will be forever associated with Style Wars in the final film credits as a TAG participant.
[wp_cart:Style Wars Blu-ray + DVD, a.k.a. “The Tag Package”:price:50.00:end]

Limited Edition DVD Personally Autographed By Mare 139

[wp_cart:Limited Edition DVD Personally Autographed By Mare 139:price:40.00:end]

The Style Wars DVD

[wp_cart:The Style Wars DVD:price:27.95:end]

Style Wars Revisited DVD

[wp_cart:Style Wars Revisited DVD:price:25.00:end]

Style Wars whole car by NOC167, signed by NOC and Henry Chalfant

Limited edition of 1,000 36″x10″ prints. All proceeds to support the restoration of Style Wars.
[wp_cart:36 x 10 Style Wars whole car by NOC167, signed by NOC and Henry Chalfant:price:100.00:end]

Art Is Not A Crime poster

[wp_cart:Art Is Not A Crime poster:price:25.00:end]

Arrow poster

Inspired by a quote from NOC 167 in Style Wars: “Everybody has their own arrow.”
[wp_cart:Arrow poster:price:25.00:end]

Self-adhesive Train Prints
$25 each

Photograph of iconic subway train by Henry Chalfant. One of five full color self-adhesive prints that appeared in Style Wars. 24″ x 4.5″
[wp_cart:Self-adhesive Train Print, 24 x 4.5:price:25.00:end]