“A breakthrough documentary.”
—A.O. Scott, The New York Times (Watch the video review.)

“Evocative. Unforgettable. Style Wars emanates joy from both sides of the camera. A film that vibrates with the energy, poetry and color of an art form rising up from the streets. The two-disc DVD gives the film the deluxe treatment it deserves. Best DVD of the Year.”
—Nathan Rabin, The Onion

“Captures this vibrant street culture with one of the most revelatory documents of the times.”
—Ethan LaCroix, Time Out New York

“The best hip hop film ever made. Reveals hip hop in its purest state, capturing it before it was part of pop culture and a source of revenue for major corporate entities. The film shows the innocence of these young innovators who are considered forefathers of a movement bigger than they could have ever imagined. A superb job of showing the bond between the different elements, displaying how the art, music and dance are interchangeable and maintain a close symbiotic relationship.”
—Insomniac—DVD Highlights

“The spark that lit a flame that continues to burn. Style Wars is a crucial point of history.”
—Andre Torres, Wax Poetics

“The Holy Grail of hip-hop movies.”

“Hip hop’s Rosetta Stone.”

“Remarkable! A movie that, per KRS-One, ‘anybody who wants to understand hip hop needs to see.’ Also anyone who wants to understand New York, and a lot more.”

“The importance of the film is even greater now than when it was released.”
—David Jakubiak, Chicago Sun-Times

“Talk about groundbreaking films: Style Wars, a documentary about graffiti artists, was first broadcast by PBS. A prescient study of taggers, their exuberant art and the roots of hip-hop culture.”
—Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

“A stunning achievement. The mother and son constitute one of the most deeply human encounters I know of on film.” —Ronald Gottesman, Professor of English, University of Southern California

“Visually the movie is as stunning as the film’s subjects are fascinating. And the accompanying soundtrack is used to amazing effect.”
—Brian Coleman, URB

“A remarkable document of graffiti culture at its apex. After seeing Style Wars, one can’t help but long for a bit of the chaos and creativity of the graffiti years.”
—Martin Edlund, New York Sun

“Groundbreaking and nearly perfect, a heady slice of Americana. It’s the kids themselves who speak most eloquently to their work.”
—Mark Savlov, Austin Chronicle

5 Stars—Highest Rating! The best hip hop culture study ever made.”
—Stuart Derdeyn, Vancouver Province.